What is MapTEACH?

MapTEACH (Mapping Technology Experiences with Alaska’s Community Heritage) is a place-based educational; program and curriculum for middle and high school teachers and students focused on understanding the local landscape from multiple perspectives and on learning to make and use computer-based maps of scientific, cultural and personal significance. It emphasizes the integration of: geoscience, local landscape knowledge, geography and geospatial technology (GPS, GIS, Google Earth and remotely sensed imagery). MapTEACH gives Alaskan students the opportunity to make a connection between traditional ways of viewing the landscape, scientific ways of making observations about the landscape, and the process of using cutting-edge information technologies to gather and disseminate information about the landscape. At its core, this curriculum is place-based and interdisciplinary in nature, and seeks to connect students, teachers, community members and scientists in an exploration of the local landscape from multiple perspectives.