Development Team

De Anne Pinney Stevens – Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys

De Anne is a senior-level geologist and head of the Engineering Geology Section of the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (DGGS), which is the state agency responsible for geologic information for Alaska. She specializes in surficial geology, engineering geology, industrial minerals, placer geology and remote sensing. Her geologic work is focused on using satellite imagery and aerial photographs in conjunction with field studies to map geology and geologic hazards all over Alaska. She helped originate the MapTEACH concept, led the program’s initial development, was principal author of the GIS and GPS lessons and remains the main contact person and GIS guru for the project.


Sidney Stephens – Retired – Geography Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Sidney was an instructor with the University of Alaska and led program efforts for MapTEACH with a focus on developing and teaching culturally responsive/place-based curriculum. She was a classroom teacher before joining the UAF faculty in 1985 as the director of the Alaska Sea Week Program and the Alaska Science Consortium. She has secured and directed many professional development grant projects, written curriculum and articles, taught numerous science pre-service and in-service methods courses, and worked with the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative science focus. She is especially interested in connecting the often-disparate perspectives of school and community and of science and local knowledge and was responsible for writing the place names and landmarks lessons and for overall curriculum design and revision.


Patty Burns – Alaska Division of Mining, Land & Water

Patty is a geologist with the mining section of the Alaska Division of Mining, Land & Water. She formerly worked at DGGS and was then a Co-Principal Investigator with the MapTEACH project, has significant experience evaluating surficial geology & landforms in many regions of Alaska and analyzing and presenting digital geological data, including GPS, using GIS technologies. For MapTEACH, she played a major role in energetic outreach to communities, agencies & teachers and in developing the remote sensing & geology lessons.


Peter Webley, PhD – Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Dr Peter Webley is an Assistant Research Professor at the Geophysical Institute and has led Google Earth curriculum efforts for MapTEACH. He was raised and educated in the United Kingdom, and since his arrival in Alaska, he has been involved in volcanic ash prediction, Google Earth applications, and satellite detection of ash clouds. In addition to working at the Geophysical Institute, he works as part of the Alaska Volcano Observatory and also enjoys working with high school students in the Alaska Summer Research Academy at UAF


Map TEACH Former Staff

Patricia Heiser, Ph.D
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Sam Batzli Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Zac Meyers
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Tim Olsen, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Nicole Dufour
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Emma Walton, Ph.D.
Anchorage, Alaska